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  · Entrees

· Shrimp Cocktail
· Sea Food Cocktail
· Club House
· Malted Chesse
· Guacamole

  · Salads

· Caesar Salad
· Imperial Salad
· "Bahia" Salad

  · Soups

· Soup of the Day
· Clam Showder

  · Pasta

· "La Tortuga" Spaguetti
· Linguini Bognole

  · Mexicans

· Mexican Combination Plate
· Carne Asada
· Enchiladas
· Taco or Burrito Plate
· Chiles Rellenos
· Quesadillas

  · Specialties

· New York Cut
· Fillet Mignon
· Pepper Fillet
· Mustard Fillet (w/ choice of
  soup or salad)

  · Sea Food

· Broiled Fish Fillet
· Garlic Butter Fish Fillet
· Breaded Fish Fillet
· Shrimp Brochette
· Garlic Sauce Shrimp
· Breaded Shrimp
· Papillote Fish Fillet
· Broiled Lobster (w/ choice of
  soup or salad)

  · Poultry

· Broiled Chicken Fillet
· Half Fried Chicken
· Broiled Quail
· Cordon Bleu Chicken Fillet
· Orange Sauce Quail (w/ choice
  of soup or salad)

  · Desserts

· Flan
· Chesse Cake
· Apple Pie
· Vannilla Ice Cream

  · Drinks

· Beers
· Drinks
· Soft Drinks

  · List of Wines

  Chateau Camou
· Cabernet Zinfandel
· Fume Blanc Viña Camou
· Chardonay Viña Camou

  Bodegas Sto. Tomas
· Tinto Misión Blanco Misión
· San Emilión Blanco
· San Emilión Tinto
· Rosado Misión
· Chenin Blanc
· Cabernet Sauvignon

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The place where you can find the authentic recipes inherit of many generations. We serve only the more fresh sellfishs, meats, fruits and vegetables. We care in the preparation of our plates, drinks and desserts.

Enjoy of the best mexican food. Our Cheff will make your stay in our restaurant an unforgettable experience. The original recipes and the products of high quality distinguish our food.
  Restaurant Bar La Tortuga

La Tortuga represents a style of restaurant that prepare autentic mexican food for the international palate. Since 1985 our restaurant has enjoy of a reputation for excellence in cousine and atmosphere.

Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 7:00 to 22:30. We take on as much as a 100 persons group.

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